Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tough Stuff Tuesday: Friends in Need

Last Tuesday, I posted something about two dear friends of mine who are in the midst of a trial. There trial is continuing today, and may very well be at its climax.

In lieu of a fresh, long, thought-out post today, I'm writing a plea. Please pray for these dear friends of mine and their newborn baby who is facing open heart surgery today. Please pray for strength for baby Cullin, wisdom for his doctors and nurses, and strength and composure and peace for his dear parents. There are so many people praying for them today, but please, take time to mention them in your prayers, too. I am so impressed by the amount of people I've seen coming to the aid of these dear friends. Most impressively, though, is that our Heavenly Father hears every single prayer uttered to Him on behalf of this precious one.

Please mention Cullin, Jake, and Shea Stoffregen in your prayers today. Thanks ahead of time.

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