Thursday, June 14, 2012

Where Do You Want to Be?

How often do you think about the end of time? For me, it's a pretty regular thought. I find myself, fairly often, thinking of what it will be like when Jesus comes in all His glory. I don't know if I'll be alive, if my children will be alive, or if their children's children's children will be alive. What I do know is that Jesus will come, and those who are dead will rise and those who are still on earth will witness something glorious--and will be called up as well.

Oftentimes, I find myself wondering what it would be like if I was still alive. And, if I'm alive, what will I be doing? That leads my mind down a strange and twisty path of what will OTHER people be doing when Jesus comes to take us home? My mind goes a million directions, but today I want to ask you a very specific question: if you could choose what you were doing when Jesus comes, what would it be?

I've thought of a few answers myself:

1: How great would it be if Jesus came while I was worshipping? During a spirited chorus of 'We Shall See the King Someday', the clouds are opened and we see our Lord descending from on high. Talk about a marvelous occasion!

2: How wonderful would it be if we were studying the Bible with someone? Perhaps a new convert--someone who has clothed themselves with Christ by being buried in baptism. As we sit there, breaking open God's word together, Jesus comes. How amazing and thrilling it would be!

3: How remarkable if I were praying when the Lord came? As I thank God for His marvelous gift of Jesus, and the unbeatable sacrifice He made for my sins, that same Jesus appears in the sky. The joy on that occasion would be unspeakable!

4: What if I were helping someone in need when Jesus came? Jesus tells us that when we do "to the least of these" we do unto Him. How wonderful, then, to be helping Jesus (aka someone in need) when He came!

5: What if I were having a personal time of study? What I were reading about Jesus' ascension into heaven, and then He came back just as He left? What a beautiful moment, to already be in such a mindset, and to have my Lord come down to take me home!

When I think about these situations (and aren't there a million more?), I have to ask myself a question: if these are things I'd like to be doing when Jesus comes, why am I not doing them now!? We know that the hour that Jesus will come is unknown by anyone except God Himself. We know that Jesus will come as a thief in the night, and that we aren't going to know when it is. There's no way to foresee it happening. So why, then, are we not busying ourselves with good works and great moments that would be pleasing for Jesus to find us in when He comes?

On the flip side, what are some things that you would HATE to be involved in when Jesus came back?

1: I would hate to be found in a position where I am being unfaithful to my spouse/future spouse. I would hate to be caught up in a fit of passion that has not been sanctified by my Lord. Would He be pleased with me?

2: I would hate to be found in immodest apparel when Jesus came. I know that our bodies will be changed, and there's no way I can know what that body will be like. Will it be angelic? Will it be clothed at all? I have no way of knowing anything other than it will be transformed into something that resembles Jesus. Still, I shutter at the thought of standing before the King of Kings in short shorts or a tank top or a bikini or anything else that would be so unbecoming of a child of God.

3: I would hate to be skipping worship when Jesus comes back. What if it were time for all of the saints to be assembled, and you were nowhere to be found. Perhaps there was a tournament that you just "couldn't miss". Perhaps you don't "do" mornings and you just didn't want to get out of bed. Whatever the case is, you skipped out on meeting with the people of God, and now Jesus has come back. I would HATE to be found in that position.

The same question arises: if I'd hate to be found in these positions, why do I put myself into them when I don't have any idea when Jesus will come back? It is a very real possibility that Jesus will come back tomorrow? What will you be doing? It is a very real possibility that Jesus will come back on Sunday, will you be worshipping? Throughout the week, will you be busying yourself with things that are fitting for a saint, or will you be doing things that would find you ashamed and embarrassed on that last day?

Let us think soberly about these things and only involve ourselves in things that are fitting for a child of God. Let us put off the things that would make Satan proud on that last day.

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