Friday, March 9, 2012

Wouldn't It Be Nice

If you have known/followed me for a while (or if you read my post last Friday), you know I've been blogging for a while. You may also know I came over from a little blog that was near and dear to my heart. On said blog I liked to do a lot of things, but mostly I liked to make lists. Why? I don't actually know. Possibly because I'm pretty type-A, possibly because I'm not a good blogger and settle for lists because they aren't creative, possibly a lot of things. The point is this: it's my free for all Friday and I'm pretending to be back in the world of my typepad, and you're getting a list.


1: Quitting Diet Coke was a bad idea for me. What's that? You didn't know I'd quit drinking Diet Coke? Where have you been? Ahem. It was a long, hard 8 days but somehow I made it through it. And oh yeah, it was a dumb decision. So now I'm back, from outer space. I just walked in to the refridge to find that Diet Coke in its case.

Yeah. Just totes made up a rhyme for ya.

2: I spent my entire Friday night cleaning (and making hilarious memories with the husband). Cleaning on a Friday means two things. 1: I don't have a life at all. 2: My mom is coming to visit tomorrow! I'm mostly ecstatic about that fact. We are going shopping and it will be beyond exciting. Have I mentioned lately that I miss my mom? I do. It's a lot.

3: My bff is amazing. I have spent the better portion of today texting my bestie Alyssa about ridiculously amazing things. The fact that we live 12 hours away doesn't interfere with our closeness. That's bff-ship right there.

4: Not having cable is the best. I do not miss having cable for even a microsecond. We have Netflix and Hulu, and while I could probably get by with just one of those things, having both of them is the best possible scenario. I get to watch all of my favorite TV shows the next day *via Hulu, and watch all kinds of wonderful(ly old) movies on Netflix.  Greatness.

5: I am so ready to move into a real house. Don't get me wrong, I love our apartment. I espesh love getting to live with the most wonderful roommate/best friend/husband in all of the universe. Still, I'm ready to not be a renter. I'm ready to drive all kinds of nails in the wall, paint stuff, decorate more.

6: Speaking of things I'm ready for: I'm ready for Alyssa to BE here. She's coming in a month and I'm out of control beside myself with excitement. We're going to have the most legendary time. It will be epic.

7: Moving on to things I'm not ready for: children. No joke, two days after we got back from our honeymoon, people were asking me when we were going to have kids. 1: That probably only concerns me and the hubs. 2: Not anytime soon!! I had another revelation tonight as I was doing laundry. If TWO people can produce so much laundry (and never have enough time/energy to catch up on it), how on earth could I add another? I haven't even figured out this whole wife thing (not that I will pre-kids, but still). A little more practice would be nice. Am I making sense here? Thoughts? Do you/did you/are you want(ing) to have kids right when you get married? Am I alone in my 'let's wait 5 years' plan? According to all the Facebook pictures of sonograms, I'd say yes. Tell me otherwise, please.

8: I really can rant about not ready to have children I am, huh? The thing is, God has a plan and knows the plan and just hasn't filled me in on the plan. Children may not even BE the plan. I just pray for God's will to be done in my life, and I will accept it no matter what that is.

9: Apple always scares me into not buying 'new' technology because they come out with something new every second. I'm on the verge of getting a new laptop because The Great White is going on back. Now, though, they say that everything is going tablet? Oh Apple. Just tell me what I should do!

10: Every good and perfect list should end at 10. This one most definitely will....

11: Not.

*Do you say V-uh or VY-uh? I need to know. It's a part of the calculations I make when deciding if we're going to be friends.

Also, did you see what I did there with espesh, like especially? I figured if I put 'espec' it wouldn't quite get the point across. Brill, right?


  1. 1) V-uh
    2) I'm not married but I totally agree on waiting a few years after the wedding to have kids.
    3) I'm trying to quit Sundrop right now and it's tough. Kudos for your 8 days without Diet Coke. I'm 7.5 days short of that.

    1. I say V-uh as well. It's such a strange little word when you stop and think about it. Quitting soft drinks is lame. I think I'll just not.