Monday, March 5, 2012

Must-Tell Monday: Marriage

Facebook is an interesting creature. Without even meaning to sometimes, you peer into people's lives that  otherwise you wouldn't necessarily know anything about. I say sometimes because I know there are those moments when we purposefully "creep" on people that we only semi-know, or that we don't know at all but our "friends" know, but sometimes it really is by accident. Something will pop up on your news feed about one of your friends' new houses or new jobs or new baby or new ____. That happened to me recently and it made me reflect.

There are a lot of people my age that are getting new houses and new jobs and new this and new that. There are people my age getting nice cars and nice furniture and nice vacations. I'm happy for them, and glad that they get to enjoy those luxuries, but the thing is, I'm not jealous at all.

From the outside looking in, my life might not seem very glamorous or exciting. My week usually consists of, well, nothing. My weeks don't have a usual. As a preacher's wife, my life is always sort of unplanned. One week there might be a gospel meeting, the next a summer series, the next a hospital visit in a nearby town, the next an out of town lectureship, and a whole bunch of local events in between. There are no fancy vacations or big promotions. There are no extravagant parties or over-the-top amenities. Instead, it's just me and my new husband, living exactly the life we want to be living.

Sometimes I stop and think how different life could be. I think about what it must be like for some of those people with all the nice things. I quickly stop myself, because I don't want any of that. I don't want anything other than what I have: a wonderful marriage to the man of my dreams.

I am so thankful for everything that is in my life. I know that God has blessed me far beyond what I could ever deserve. I have an amazing, Godly husband that I get to be with nearly 24 hours a day, who never ceases to make me laugh. We have so much fun together in our rented apartment. The memories that we're making now are going to last me a lifetime, and I am so thankful for that.

All of my life I've heard that choosing your mate is the most important thing: not where you live, what you have, but who you're with. That couldn't be more true. I could have all the luxurious amenities in the world, but if I didn't have Robert, I wouldn't want any of it. More than that, though, I could have everything in the whole world INCLUDING Robert, and if I didn't have a relationship with Jesus I would have nothing. I am so thankful for my Robert and my Savior.

Life is good.

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