Saturday, October 6, 2012

How to Live in Peace

Sometimes the simplest passages can be the most profound. Romans 12 has proved to be such a text for me. Whenever I am struggling to getting along with a person or group of people, I look to Romans 12 as a guide to living in peace. Perhaps these observations taken directly from the text can help you today, too.

  • Love without hypocrisy (v.9)
  • Cling to the good things in people (v.9)
  • Be affectionate to everyone (v.10)
  • Think of others above yourself (v.10)
  • Rejoice in hope (v.12)
  • Be patient in trying times (v.12)
  • Always, always pray (v.12)
  • Give liberally to your brothers and sisters (v.13)
  • Show hospitality to everyone you encounter (v.13)
  • Shower blessings on those who don't like you--even those who make your life harder (v.14)
  • Be genuinely happy for people who are happy, and be sad with those who are sad (v.15)
  • Don't be arrogant (v.16)
  • Don't treat others badly, regardless of how they treat you (v.17)
  • Do as much as you can to get along with everyone (v.18)
Remember, God has extended every kindness and grace to us; the very least we can do is extend kindness and grace to others. And God didn't start showing us love after we'd chosen to follow Him, He sent His Son to die while we were sinners. Even while people are your enemies, extend love and graciousness and friendship. "As much as depends on you", live a life of peace.

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