Friday, July 20, 2012

Quotes from My Bible

Last year at Polishing the Pulpit, Robert bought me a new Bible. It has my new last name on it, and it's a note-taker Bible. I was super excited about it, and in the last 11 months, I've made quite a few notes.

On the last page there is room for you to write quite a few things, and I'm sad to say that I recently filled the entire page. I have been so blessed recently to hear some truly amazing speakers, and they have all had things to say that have pricked my heart. So, today, I want to share some of those quotes with you.
"God can forgive you of every sin, but that won't take away the consequences." - Lonnie Jones 
"We have to get back to the Bible. The Doctor has the medicine, but the patients won't take it because it may produce side effects that make me deny myself of things that I want." - BJ Clarke 
"There is a side of God to handle your every hurt." - Glenn Hitchcock 
"You cannot expect to go to heaven if you aren't trying to take the rest of the world with you." - Glenn Hitchcock 
"So many people want Jesus as their Savior, but not their Lord. He's either both, or He's neither." - Cliff Goodwin 
"Jesus never came to save people in their sins. No, He came to save them from their sins." - Cliff Goodwin 
"In order for Satan to win, Christians don't have to be destroyed; they only have to be neutralized by worldliness." - Tim Orbison

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