Saturday, February 16, 2013

It's Been a Year

One year ago today, this blog came into existence. Now sure, I'd been blogging long before that, and yet a transition in my blogging career was necessary. Being a preacher's wife (and just a wife in general) changes you. And so, deciding that the silliness of my old blog was just a bit immature, I moved on over here to help me in my daily devotionals and my all around knowledge/study of God's Word. Maybe you haven't been with me the entire year, and maybe you have been with me much longer than that. Either way, I thank you for being here now, and as a bonus for your effort, I am including some links from the past year for you to sift through and enjoy! 

Also, thank you for visiting my blog on its birthday. It appreciates it. Please, no presents.

Links to Love

1: The most popular post - Tough Stuff Tuesday: Beating Bitterness

2: The time I was attacked by a bat - A Bat, a Scream, and a Lesson 

3: A message to unfaithful Christians - Better Not to Have Known 

4: A message of self-worth - Tough Stuff Tuesday: Self Worth

5: Thoughts for the teens of today from a teen of yesterday - Camp Rules for Life

Check out these links, pass them along, whatever it is you need them for in your life right now. It is my prayer that these words can be of comfort or encouragement to someone who reads them. Not because I have penned them; no, but because God is the Author (of His Holy Book) and I am just a tool who tries to get the message out. Let's all be His tools in spreading His beautiful story to all of those around us.

Thanks again for sticking it out with me for a year. Exciting things are on the horizon, so stay tuned!

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