Saturday, December 22, 2012

Want Some Encouragement?

The Light Network was designed to encourage, enlighten, and empower Christians across the globe. While the official 'launch party' isn't scheduled until January 5th, pilot episodes of most programs have already been released.

In case you haven't checked out the website, I wanted to give you a few details about each of the shows that have released:

1: Preachers in Training. This is a paneled podcast hosted by my husband, Robert Hatfield, and is specifically designed for younger preachers. Each podcast will have different guests (some younger preachers, some older), and will serve to encourage younger ministers in their work, as well as answer some questions that a lot of them have. If you or someone you know is a preacher, or is thinking of becoming a preacher, send them to this podcast.

2: Culture Shock. This podcast is hosted by Torrey Clark, a MSOP grad and a minister in LaGrange, Georgia. The purpose of this podcast is to bring Christians' attention to current matters going on in the world, and put a Christian spin on them. If you are interested in current events, politics, our government, and the like, check out this podcast. Really, all Christians should arm themselves with knowledge of the world around them, and I would encourage you to check out this podcast weekly.

3: Biblical Manliness. The world defines manliness in some pretty silly ways. Chris Clevenger takes a look at what the Bible has to say, and presents the message in a clear and concise way. All Christian men should avail themselves to this podcast! We need more biblically manly leaders in the world!

4: The Salvation Podcast. As the name suggests, this podcast is all about salvation. Perhaps you have some tech-savvy family members who aren't faithful to the Lord. Maybe you have questions yourself about what constitutes true salvation. Whatever the need, this podcast will serve as a means of teaching the simplistic truth of gospel salvation.


5: Navigating the New Testament. I am the host of this podcast specifically geared toward women. Because of the generic nature of some of our other shows (salvation, current events, etc), this podcast will zoom in on one area of the Bible, namely geography. Because I have traveled to numerous countries and cities mentioned in our New Testaments, this podcast will feature geographically specific content designed to help women of the 21st century appreciate the biblical text more. Through pictures and a study of the 1st century culture, the aim of this women's podcast is to help us draw out lessons from the New Testament that we may have previously overlooked.

6: Under the Juniper Tree. Melissa Clevenger hosts this timely and much-needed women's podcast. Depression and anxiety run rampant in our society, and Melissa sheds biblical light on the shadows of life. If you or any lady you know struggles with these issues, please point her to this podcast. As sisters in Christ, we are all here to help and encourage one another. Or, perhaps you know of a women who is outside of Christ but struggles with these things. This podcast serves to point people with real problems to the true source of comfort.

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